Artist’s Biography

Sallie O’Neill started exhibiting her table sized sculptures in 1987, the same year she began her artistic journey. During the ensuing years, collectors from all over the world have purchased her original clay sculptures and limited edition reproductions.

She creates forms of people in varying degrees of abstraction, her male and female pieces present powerful portrayals of intimacy. Her group figures of women express deeply spiritual and emotional interactions.

About her work, the artist says, “My figures are originally modeled in clay and I am continuously surprised and thrilled by the way this bit of earth matter can so easily take on different forms. I prefer to work with images in my head rather than using models. Once I start a piece it seems to take on a life of its own.”

Listed in Who’s Who in America, O’Neill began sculpting after challenging careers as a continuing education specialist at UCLA; and as an entrepreneur creating educational opportunities for adults. Turning to her early ambition of becoming an artist, she draws upon a life of rich and varied experiences.

Her unique sculpture captures the essence of emotional energy between people. Her work embodies a philosophical outlook that embraces and celebrates the vulnerability of human relationships.